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Hurricane Sandy and winter storms Athena and Brutus have been making life miserable recently in the States. If you're like us, you're in need of a break from the severe weather. No better way to do that than by joining us in Daytona Beach for the last symposium of the year; and if the Mayans are right - the last ever.

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Striping specifications are often pretty vanilla, often copied and pasted right out of the construction advisory circular. We see the same specifications for very different projects and environments. Most project specifications need to be tweaked or enhanced to produce the best results. More>>

Marking Myth - It's Easy

We continually battle several misconceptions among the industry about pavement markings on airfields. It seems that many just have the wrong idea about what it takes to do it the right way. In this series of articles, we will debunk popular marking myths, and set the record straight. More>>

Getting Off The Grid

Have you ever thought about what goes into installing a surface painted sign? The first thing you need is accurate dimensions of the character inscriptions to determine how large your background will be. So where can you find dimensions of the inscriptions?
Enter: The Grid. More>>

Cold Planing Markings

Acceptable methods of paint removal usually include waterblasting, sandblasting, shotblasting, and grinding. Sometimes one method is all you need; sometimes a combination of methods is called for; it all depends on the existing markings and pavement characteristics. In one unique case a few months back, cold planing was the paint removal method of choice. More>>

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