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    Last chance to register for the Airfield Marking Symposium in Daytona Beach, the last of 2012 -- and maybe the last ever, if you believe the Mayans. If you are responsible for any function of an airport marking system, you need to attend this symposium. View conference details.

    The FAA Part 139 Cert Inspectors have equipped themselves with the knowledge and tools by attending Airfield Marking Symposiums all over the country. You can bet they expect their airports to do the same.

    You're going to get comprehensive training right from the pages of your own copy of the Airfield Marking Handbook. In addition to the handbook, you will take home a mil gauge and magnifying glass to inspect application of your contractor/in-house crew. You'll be able to network with your counterparts and take home useful information about how others approach their marking systems. Plus, you will see several cool demonstrations in the field:

  • Surface Preparation and Paint Removal with Stripe Hog equipment
  • AirMark Preformed Thermoplastic surface painted sign installation
  • RoboBeader for airless hand machines
  • Application and Inspection techniques

Did we mention it's in Daytona Beach??

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