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    Sightline is happy to announce another regional airport markings workshop! We will be in Atlanta, GA, May 17-19 for our Airfield Marking Symposium. This training targets everyone involved with the design, specification, application and maintenance, supervising, and/or inspecting of airfield markings. It's a full two days of training, including demonstrations performed at DeKalb-Peachtree Airport. All registrations before April 24th, 2009 receive a discounted rate. Keep your eyes open for future seminars in other regions in upcoming webletters!

    What can I expect from the training? Participants will receive a free copy of the Airfield Marking Handbook by attending. Each participant will receive a Sightline training manual to be used in conjunction with the course. The course is dedicated to improving the effectiveness, efficiency, and economy of pavement markings for airfields. Attention will be paid to the details. Designed to teach the specifics of this particular aspect of airport visual guidance systems, this course has a high practical content. Participants will be trained to recognize deficiencies and gain proficiency in the application and maintenance of airfield markings.

    Where can I find more information? The conference will be held in Atlanta, GA, from May 17-19, 2009. All general information regarding this workshop may be found by clicking here.

    How do I register? For most of you, you should have received an invitation via email dated April 7. If you didn't receive an invitation, or you casually deleted it thinking it was another email from your "long-lost uncle in South Africa who left you millions", you can just register here now.

    Will I be happy I attended? Affirmative. The amount of airport funds potentially saved from this training is staggering. Teach a man to fish... we'll see you in Atlanta!

    If you'd like the Symposium to come to your region, we first must have an airport willing to host the field demonstrations. If you have suggestions for us to pursue, contact us!

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