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    When the research began for the Airfield Marking Handbook nearly 3 years ago (wow), we had to travel to every region around the nation. It seemed then that we had a propensity to "bring the rain" and began to make us think we should put our newly found super powers to good use. Those in the know called us the Drought Busters. Two years later we still got it; this article should be entitled "Nothing's New."

    Sightline President, Donna Speidel just returned from a return trip to the Kingdom of Bahrain for a one-year follow up visit to observe the performance of test markings we had supervised. The night she arrived and settled in, it rained. Bahrain receives an average one half-inch of rain annually, their name suggests it. They told her the next day that she brought them luck; she didn't necessarily see it that way!

    Donna then flew south to Dubai to present the results of Sightline's consultancy with Mr. Muneer Yaquby, Manager of Construction Projects for Civil Aviation Affairs in the Kingdom of Bahrain. During the three-day conference, it rained more than it usually does in an entire year! So if you need the rain, and coincidentally could use our expertise with your marking project, you should hire Sightline Drought Busters!
We aim to please.

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