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Are You Behind The Times?

By Mike Speidel
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    Have you ever stopped to consider how fast stuff comes and goes these days? Ten years ago you were reading these articles on a desktop computer. Five years ago it was on your laptop. Now, you've pulled it up on your phone/tablet. In 2018, a clone of me will be in your office reading the webletter to you. Things change so fast, it's not difficult to be accused of being behind on the times, but you can avoid some common pitfalls:

  1. Owning a road map – Once considered the only way to navigate other than actually remembering how to get there, road maps have been replaced by the pronunciation-challenged woman inside your smart phone. Throw your Rand McNally in a time capsule with your mix tapes and perhaps your family will begin to respect you again.
  2. Watching LIVE television – Long ago are the days in which commercials interfered with our "on demand" attention spans. With the introduction of DVR's in the home, now you can record hours of television shows and never watch them.
  3. Subscribing to print media – If you receive anything with "Tribune", "Post", "Journal", or "Times" in a separate plastic mailbox next to your own, you're considered ancient. It may not be over for you though; if the newspaper is delivered to you via unmanned aircraft (and why wouldn’t it be), it's a push.
  4. Buying a DVD – It's hard to swallow, but it's over for the DVD. Like its floppy disk and CD predecessors, the DVD can't keep up with the massive increase in file sizes. You have my sympathies since you "just bought a 300-disc tower at Costco", but you might as well burn them, literally.

    Remember: When in doubt ask yourself, "Am I doing the same thing I was ten years ago?" If the answer is yes, you might be behind the times.

    Consider your approach to airfield marking. If you're painting today like you were painting ten years ago, I want you to at least admit it's possible there may be a better way to do business. If you're comfortable with that, connect with me to talk about your marking program and we'll discuss where it could be in ten years from now.

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