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Miracle Drugs

By Mike Speidel
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    My doctor said "your latest panel of bloodwork came back and your 'bad' cholesterol is a little on the high side". That news was quickly followed up with a seemingly scripted recommendation: "Eat more fish. Eat a ton more vegetables. Exercise more. Think like a grizzly."

    I havenít been back to see him since.

    Maybe he has a point; maybe I should eat better and opt to run the 50-mile round trip to work, but this Chick-fil-A fried chicken sandwich resting patiently next to my laptop as I write is delicious. Besides, can't my cholesterol issue be fixed with one of those miracle Statin drugs?

    Doctor Downer, however, seemed to think using a one-step "miracle drug" approach was not a proper strategy. So, even though I didn't really want to make any changes to my lifestyle, I knew a change to my regimen was the right thing to do after discussing it with my wife (read: she told me I had to).

    It reminded me of conversations I've had with a lot of airports looking for their own miracle fix as it relates to their markings. Whether it be bringing in a contractor, using a new material, buying a new piece of equipment, or even bringing us in to audit/train; airports are looking to solve their paint issues with one, albeit awesome, Hail Mary pass.

    The perception airports often share is that there is a miracle drug that will cure their ailing markings. In reality, they need to reassess the whole system they've likely been using since cholesterol was originally discovered. It's not an easy pill to swallow, but the truth is many airports are further away than they think from a clean bill of health.

    The simplest, easiest way to identify your markings' health concerns is to get a physical assessment. Consider using Sightline as your marking health professional.

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