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My Airport Operations

By Betsy Hudson

    If you are one of over 400 million people who have a profile on Facebook, you will understand my excitement when I stumbled upon a new website "created by airport operators for airport operators" - My Airport Operations.

    After recently being introduced to Facebook by my teenage boys, I created a profile and suddenly I am overwhelmed with friends! Many are from my high school graduating class of '85! OMG! I enjoyed catching up with old friends and sharing real life stories on Facebook, so when I found this professional networking group focused on airports, I had to join.

    My Airport Operations is a place where you will discover a wealth of information at your fingertips through the online community. It is a convenient way to find assistance with compliance and maintenance issues, share ideas, training, concerns, or just boast about your airport. The purpose of the MAO online community is for members to assist each other with operations issues by exchanging experiences and knowledge. Essentially, it's Facebook designed for aviation professionals.

    So, whether if you are looking to network, share ideas, find solutions, seek training, etc., you can find it online at My handle is BHudson - be sure to network with me!

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