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    This summer has been so hot! Unless you live within the artic circle, you've probably flirted with 100 degree F temperatures. This may be typical for some of you, but in Virginia we're not accustomed to prolonged 100+ degree temps. The heat has spawned some nasty storms too, one of which being a "derecho" which occurs about once every four years in this area.

    The heat has also caused my phone to ring several times this summer with questions about "when is it too hot to paint?" Paint manufacturers generally provide application conditions for their materials. Most waterborne traffic paints, specifically 1952-E, can be applied when air temperature is about 100 degrees.

    When we provide quality assurace for airports, we usually stop the operation if air temperature is 110 degrees F and/or surface temperatures average 120 degrees F. The latter typically occurs first. You also should keep an eye on relative humidity; when it exceeds 85%, slower dry times may result. However, if you're using the Type 2 paint, designed for a faster no-track state, high humidity may not be as much of an issue.

    Feel free to call us if you have other questions! 540.825.9660.

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