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Higher Tech, Lower Cost

By Mike Speidel

    LED light fixtures have started to become commonplace on airfields around the globe. With energy consumption being a primary focus in all industries, LED's offer longer life, reduction in energy costs, all the while maintaining safety. The initial installation and total costs involved with swapping out incandescent fixtures for LED's can be significant; however the expense is perceived as worthwhile due to money saved in energy costs over the long-term.

    Markings are no different.

    Current material specifications typically call for materials of average quality, especially waterborne paint. Like incandescent lighting - it works - but marking materials can be enhanced to be much more efficient and effective on airfields. Modifications to waterborne paints can be tailored to suit individual airport environmental and physical needs while still meeting all specification criteria.

    Governing standards exist to provide minimum criteria for airports to satisfy. LED lighting systems are not required by governing agencies. The onus is on the airports, and the consulting engineers serving them, to enhance the minimum criteria to generate a highly efficient airport system. If your markings aren't effective for more than a year, it's time to reevaluate current practices.

    The proactive strategy to save time and money by swapping incandescent with LED is the same needed to improve your marking system. Sightline's expertise will provide you with the high tech solutions that are more effective, will extend marking life and reduce costs. Consult our experts about swapping out your markings with our latest green marking system.

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