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Baby, It's Cold Outside

By Mike Speidel

    Polar Vortex, Arctic Blast; call it whatever you want, it's been downright cold this winter. Some people reportedly predicted the harsh winter, previously citing "bushier tails" on squirrels and "woodpeckers sharing trees". In contrast, I rely strictly on empirical data to determine climate trends. For example, here are some indications of super-cold weather I picked at airports over the winter:

  1. Ramp personnel are discovered stuck to baggage carts by their tongues.
  2. In conversation, "A little nippy" has been replaced by "Kind of hypothermic".
  3. Your zipper markings are completely zipped up.
  4. Your wildlife mitigation team has fattened up and is currently hibernating.
  5. Your deicing operation has a deicing operation.

    While most airports on the North American continent historically don't think about their pavement markings for a few months still, perhaps now is the time. To wit, many of the airports we work with find it most convenient to perform evaluations, like an Airfield Marking Audit, in the months leading up to striping season. The audit allows them to "hit the ground painting" with a plan already in place to maximize efficiency as soon as the cold weather breaks. It only takes us a few days to gather the data we need to make your marking program a success for the next few years.

    If you're interested in changing your stripes, call me for a free consultation. That is, assuming your fingers have thawed enough to dial my number:

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