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It seems hard to believe, but formal training is not required for personnel installing or inspecting airfield markings by any governing agency in the world. Without required standards, the quality of airfield markings, and therefore safety, varies dramatically at airports of every size.

Sightline Airfield Marking Assessment

Sightline invented the Airfield Marking Assessment to provide your airport with an independent, objective performance evaluation of runway and taxiway marking and a data-driven strategy for predictive maintenance and budget forecasting.

There’s one sure way to guarantee that your new airfield marking project will be a total success, regardless of which low-bidder was awarded the work. Call Sightline and have us provide quality control technicians to monitor the project.

How bright are your airfield markings at night? Are they safe for your operations? Do they meet the newest FAA standards? Sightline's reflectivity analysis will provide the answers you need by objectively judging the reflectivity, and therefore, the effectiveness of your airfield markings.

The FAA and US Military require a life cycle cost analysis (LCCA) for certain airfield marking materials to ensure a positive return on investment, including preformed thermoplastic and reflective glass beads.

The level of success for new marking projects is often determined in the design stage. At Sightline, our experts can assist you with your airfield marking design by creating new or reviewing existing specifications and marking plans. We can even ensure proper layout of new markings in the field.

At Sightline, we can nail down the numbers that will provide you with a realistic, site-specific budget for your airfield marking program. Having an accurate idea of what all the various aspects of your program will be, and will cost, requires knowledge of the entire marking process.

If you've been to one airport - you've been to one airport. Every airport is unique. The environment, type of pavements, amount of air traffic, and size of the aircraft are just a few things to consider when selecting pavement marking materials.

Sometimes things don’t always turn-out as planned. You hire a markings contractor and it’s painfully obvious that their work is inferior. You didn’t get what you paid for. We may be able to help.

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