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Airfield markings need to be compliant and properly maintained, in a timely fashion, in order to ensure the utmost safety on your airfield. Effective December 21, 2018 the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) defined minimum requirements for airfield marking retro-reflectance. As a result, airports must measure airfield marking retro-reflectance to know whether they are in compliance, or not.

FAA Criteria mobile reflectometer

Meet "Mobi" - the first American-made mobile reflectometer customized for the airfield - it's fast, objective, and comprehensive.

Sightline created the Airfield Marking Assessment in 2007 to identify which airfield markings need your immediate attention and what can be planned for future maintenance. Leveraging state-of-the-art technology made in the USA, Sightline's experts quickly and objectively measure retroreflectivity and color per ASTM E1710 and D6628. The results are overlayed on your airfield via Google Earth providing you with an interactive summary of marking condition. With a full report you can make data-driven decisions about what requires maintenance and what may be deferred. It's the fastest way to objectively measure marking performance and compliance.


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