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Program Scope, Purpose, Target Audience, Eligibility, Intended Learning Outcomes, Requirements and Certificate Term. Certificates are for individuals only, and are non-transferable to other individuals or entities. Published on 07/19/2019.

Airfield Marking Professional

  • Scope: Immersive training for airfield marking installation and maintenance professionals in organizations of any size.

  • Purpose: Learn how proper airfield marking installations and maintenance techniques lead to a safer airfield operating environment and optimal airfield marking performance. This curriculum will train professionals to be competent in all aspects of airfield marking including standards, equipment, installation, maintenance, inspection, performance, and problem solving.

  • Target Audience: Airport Operations and Maintenance, Engineers, Contractors, Airport Administrators, and Regulators.

  • Eligibility: Open to individuals and professionals with interest in airfield marking design, installation, maintenance, and inspection working in organizations of any size.

  • AMP Classroom
  • Intended Learning Outcomes:
    • Identify all relevant standards related to airfield marking installation and maintenance.
    • Explain the planning process behind an airfield marking project and describe how to administer plan.
    • Identify approved materials and select appropriate materials based on the needs of the project.
    • Describe available equipment and how to use and maintain it.
    • Explain best practices of marking installation and maintenance.
    • Describe inspection methods and tools and how to use them from a QC/QA perspective.
    • Identify the factors that affect performance and how to measure each.
    • Explain known challenges related to marking performance and potential solutions.

  • Program Requirements:
    1. Completion of the Airfield Markings Training Course.
    2. Passing score on the Airfield Markings Certificate assessment.

  • Certificate Term: 3 years.